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Patrick O'Finnegan
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Paddy IrishmanCreated on, 04 Apr 2017 | #1
Hey guys, most of you know me as Patrick O'Finnegan, either through having a chat on my regular patrol or when I'm arresting you, usually the latter.
However, my name is actually Dave, 22, from Northern Ireland, and I'm a Computer Games Development student (programmer) about to graduate from university. Interests include restraining people, shooting people with rubber bullets, and giving guided tours of the wonderful Kastro Castle, however I also do enjoy rock/metal music, travelling, games, and stereotypically I do enjoy a wee drink.
Started the server as army as I was lucky enough to join on the recruitment day, then after the recent changes I joined the Task Force Unit where I've definitely had my most fun. Since I've started the server my game time on Arma has jumped from around 140 hours to 334 as of now, so you might say that I enjoy playing with you guys. It's a really great community that's here, you're all very welcoming, this is the first time I've actually enjoyed playing an RP server, have had a lot of great times, and look forward to having more.

Now I leave you with a picture of me on a horse.

Patrick O'Finnegan
Altis Police Department
Task Force Officer

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