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Army AnnouncementCreated on, 02 Oct 2017 | #1
Hey there guys,

For those that don't already know, the Army faction will be "unrankable" until further notice! What that means is you can still join that faction however you will not get promoted in that faction, meaning you will have to fight with what the lowest rank in that faction is.

No matter how many times people ask to get promoted, it will simply not happen. People will get notified before the "lock" is lifted on the website some days before it is actually lifted in-game.
What will happen in game is the following:

1. Lock will be lifted
2. A person will be chosen as Head of Army
3. Head of Army will choose 3 Sub Faction Heads
4. Promotions will be handed out to the "Ranking Structure Agreement"

More information on this will be released once the server is live and once we have enough people playing on the server.

Good luck out there,

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Stevo Dumbledore
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Created on, 16 Oct 2017 | #2
The limit has been lowered to 10 players online... so that should be any 5pm cycle really.

Stevo Dumbledore

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