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Forums :: Member Support :: [CLOSED] Compensation Request for Physics
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[CLOSED] Compensation Request for PhysicsThread Closed!

Today a medic was reviving my friend who got one deaged by a Hitman on a quadbike then was chased around by about 10 minutes by a police SUV until the SUV's apparent turbulence launched my Offroad causing it to sail at a wall and splatter the medic in the process, a few seconds later it exploded and killed me, I lost an MX with 2 mags, a Rook 9, a P07 and mags, as well as a 6.5mm silencer and an MRCO scope, not to mention the price of the Offroad itself ($1000) I also had around a thousand in cash with me.

The clip of the Offroad splattering the poor medic:

The clip of it exploding and killing me:

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Stevo Dumbledore
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Created on, 08 Oct 2017 | #2
Looted items can’t be compensated, you didn’t pay for them.
You should also know that vehicles explode when seriously damaged, so it is technically your fault you lost your gear.

I’ve issued $2000 compensation for your vehicle and in-person cash though, since the car shouldn’t have been pushed back from your perspective... but that’s what happens sometimes with lag.

Stevo Dumbledore

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