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Stevo Dumbledore
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Server Update #3Created on, 11 Oct 2017 | #1

Good Afternoon, guys.

This update is a short and sweet one that contains a couple of necessary fixes that had to be implemented sooner rather than later...

The download link for today's update can be found here.

  • Treasure Hunting:
    • Treasure Hunting has had a bug since the last update where after the experience is prevented from being granted to a person who already found the treasure, it displayed the message saying they needed a mine detector. This no longer occurs
  • Prison System:
    • The Prison System had been riddled with bugs, that I wasn't even sure where they came from... I've recoded the Prison System from scratch today to rectify all the bugs associated with it
    • With the recode, I've also implemented a "split" prison system. Players will spawn in Makrynisi Corrections if they have a low bounty, and will spawn in Kavala Prison if they have a high bounty
    • Kavala Prison gates are not automated. This is so Police that are handling a prison transfer manually, don't accidentally open the gates and let all the prisoners out!
  • Rebel Dockyard:
    • The Rebel Dockyards weren't processing items properly, but now they are... this is the best place to obtain bad morality and you can process any metals and diamonds there
  • Police Station:
    • The chairs in the new Villa have been replaced with chairs that allow you to sit on them
  • Clothing Shop:
    • As Mayor, you can now purchase the old hitman uniform, that was removed due to a weapon glitch, since you probably won't be using firearms if you're role-playing as the Mayor
    • The new shirt and tie uniform for the Mayor is accessible at all regular clothing shops but will remove other uniforms for the duration you are mayor!
  • Server Process:
    • We're now running the x64 bit instance of Arma3Server so we should find increased stability over the duration of the server cycle

I promise we can have a nice period now where we don't have any server updates, so you don't have to keep downloading a massive mission file!

Thanks again,

Stevo Dumbledore

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