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New member Jacky Rasta has just joined our gaming community
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One of the Boys
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Community AdministratorCreated on, 08 Mar 2017 | #1
Hello and welcome to three lions gaming. Myself, Jim, Ste and Gex founded three lions gaming many moons ago. A lot of time and hard work has went into the server so I hope you're enjoying yourself =).

Im 27 and currently live in the north of England. I work an awful lot so tend to play evenings. My hobbies include gaming, Japanese jujitsu, guitar, cars and music. I've played guitar since i was very young so have an interest in most types of music. I like to think im easy to get along with, down to earth and an all round nice guy! Respect me and i will respect you. Be nice to me and i will be nice to you. Thats really all i ask. I dont tolerate fools and will quickly tell you where to go if you start being abusive or rude.

Im not a power hungry or egotistical admin. I will gladly talk to anyone and regularly jump into team speak channels and talk to new players or anyone who looks lonely!

Thats all for now!

Three Lions Gaming Administration Team

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Luke Twinkletoe
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Created on, 08 Mar 2017 | #2
Great to have you with us Matty! I've had a blast with you these past couple of months! Thanks a lot for everything.

-The Norwegian Boy

Luke Twinkletoe

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Josh Houston
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Created on, 08 Mar 2017 | #3
- rep, dislikes Sean Paul
+ rep, ginger and genuinely an awesome guy :D

Paul, Sean
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John Wick
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Created on, 08 Mar 2017 | #4
I have already had the pleasure of talking to you sice i have joined i hope we can talk more in the future.

John Wick
Consul Vexy Of the Roman Republic and Senate
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