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New member Jacky Rasta has just joined our gaming community
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Jim Capone
A Community Legend
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Location: England
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The Reisdent PicassoCreated on, 28 Mar 2017 | #1
Well hello there, community!

Thanks for taking a quick peak at my thread. I am the community website and graphic designer, and I also help with the development of some of the server files. I am responsible for the daily running of our community and making sure our administration team get the support they need.

I am an extremely friendly guy and will often be found in the TeamSpeak channels chatting with our community and getting feedback. I am also active on the forums and dealing with reports. I also organise a number of community events to help keep you guys entertained with fun stuff to do on the server.

I run the community YouTube, Twitch and Google+ accounts, so if you have videos or screenshots you want to share, drop me a message and I'll try get them on our community media.

I am a keen Role Player, so if you see me in-game feel free to come over for a chat. However, make sure you approach me in-character, otherwise I'll treat you like a crazy person and then ignore your flower arse!

If you're from Yorkshire, we'll get on like best mates!

My Theme Tune:

Jim Capone
Three Lions Gaming Administration Team

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Luke Twinkletoe
A Community Legend
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Created on, 28 Mar 2017 | #2
Hey Jimmy boy!

Great too have you with us, buddy.
Thanks alot for everything you've done for the community, we all appreciate it! :D

Have a wonderful day, and i'll see ya ingame! :D

Luke Twinkletoe

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