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New member Jacky Rasta has just joined our gaming community
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Mr. Pingu
New Member
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A Wild Pingu AppearsCreated on, 29 Mar 2017 | #1
Afternoon folks!

Finally gotten around to making a forum account after 3 weeks on the server. Played and RP'd with quite a few of you fine fellows in game and thoroughly enjoyed myself so far. I saw I've even been nominated for a best RP award which is wicked!

I've got to say that little interrogation RP was cracking. Good 30 minutes that!

See you all in game,

Noot Noot.

I noot, therefore I am.

Mr. Pingu
Greater Altis Police Department

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A Community Hero
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Created on, 29 Mar 2017 | #2
I think I met you on club penguin before hand!
(Just kidding...i didn't have a childhood)

Anyways welcome to the wild party my friend!

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Jim Capone
A Community Legend
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Created on, 29 Mar 2017 | #3
Hi buddy!

It's great to have you gaming with us. I have spoken to you a few times in the server and you seem like just the type of Role Player we love in the community.

See you in-game.

Jim Capone
Three Lions Gaming Administration Team

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Luke Twinkletoe
A Community Legend
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Created on, 30 Mar 2017 | #4
Hey matey! :D

Welcome to the community, i've spoken to you a few times now and you sound like a cool guy!
Anyway, have a fantastic day, and ill see ya ingame.

Kind Regards,

Luke Twinkletoe

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