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Charlie Bear
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Server QuestionnaireCreated on, 08 Sep 2017 | #1

Charlie Bear
Three Lions Gaming Administration Team

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A Community Legend
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Created on, 08 Sep 2017 | #2
Ok, so I have filled out my homework, but I do not see how this will change anything. Everyone will have their own opinion as to what works and what does not and I fail to see how you will accommodate the responses into a viable solution.

But before you think I'm being all pissy and negative...

The server has ALWAYS been stable, packed full of features and Stevo has done an awesome job at testing and implementing fixes almost as quickly as the faults (hardly any) have arisen. Cheers for all you have and continue to do thus far Ste.
Ste has also spent hours scripting the totally unique stuff you simply cannot find elsewhere.. Paintballing being a personal favourite. Your a wizard Harry.. sorry.. Ste.

The website has ALWAYS been stable and Jim has done an awesome job with layouts and features their-in.
Jim has also championed for the community, often going the extra mile helping players on the server and setting them in the right direction towards role playing greatness.. I say this as his first apprentice on the alpha server many years ago - and here I am now having held Founder status. Much respect.

So, with a bitching server and website to hand, all that remains is the community. In the past 4 years or so, I have had the best and worst of times as part of TLG, but the community has ALWAYS been the reason any of the Founders have carried on and the good times certainly outweigh the bad!
We were all gutted when the server went down and yet the hardcore community still holds the flame, hoping for a fresh wind to start the fire.. I honestly cannot wait to get back online and game with you all again, no matter what the server may bring. If the questionnaire helps in anyways, then fantastic! If not, I hope we can all appreciate that there is no such thing as a perfect server, but fuck my life, Three Lions Gaming sure comes close!! Stevo and Jim have always worked to bring us the best roleplay experiences and regardless of personal likes and dislikes regards the server, there is no place I'd rather be than in Altis with the TLG community..

Long live Stevo and Jim.
Long live the kings.

Greybeard.. the Mega-evolved Gex.

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Steve Jobs
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Created on, 08 Sep 2017 | #3
It's worth noting that I won't actually be adding anything new (except for DLC content which is already added, aside from LOW content that isn't available yet?) until the community pull through and create a 100 player server.

I'm wrestling with it at the moment on my laptop just getting it working again post a BI update which nullified the EXTDB mod that was used for database writing, which means as a whole, I've had to re-write a lot of database scripts again.

Steve Jobs
Three Lions Gaming Administration Team

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Created on, 08 Sep 2017 | #4
Oh boy... well I guess we will have to make do with what we can :D

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