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Forums :: Community Announcements :: Server Update #2
Stevo Dumbledore
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Server Update #2Created on, 09 Oct 2017 | #1

Good Morning, everyone.

I've spent the last few days pretty much working solid on this update to rectify quite a few bugs, as well as fix up the map a fair bit to better help with your role play.

The download link for today's update can be found here.

  • Police Structures:
    • Police Department HQ has been relocated to where the old Port Authority building was - you might have seen the video preview here
    • The Police Database has been relocated to the old HQ building
    • The Jail Point (place in which you can send someone to Jail) is in a community area, in which Civilians have automated access to
    • There are three restricted sections to the new Police HQ in which non-police personnel are not permitted
    • The camera that was previously aimed in the interview room at police HQ now looks at the computer terminal in the Police Database
    • The restrictive gates in the Police HQ cannot be interacted with, only players with keys will be able to enter and exit via them
  • Prison Respawning:
    • Players should no longer respawn after a server reset out of prison - unless they're doing something to cause it themselves
  • Soft-Logging:
    • Soft-Logging to reposition yourself, or avoid consequences now displays to all players in-game - The soft-logging prevention is not currently functioning as expected in a multiplayer environment, I'll further develop this system at a later update
  • Gang Hideouts:
    • Gang Hideouts now have markers
    • You can purchase clothing at your respective gang hideout to show your colours, if you aren't wearing your uniform, you can't participate in the Kill-on-Sight scenarios
    • Weapon shops and an ATM have also been added at hideouts
  • Airdrops:
      Airdrops now deliver packages based on a leveling system which is dependent on how many army personnel are online
    • The items for the Airdrop are actually within the container itself, meaning you no longer need a backpack
    • A lot more weapons are now available as well as a variety of items you couldn't get before
    • More desirable weapons and items are only available in the higher levels, so airdrops will become more fought after when more army personnel are online
    • Some items are DLC items, so make sure you can use them,
      otherwise you may find yourself being kicked for opening a DLC window
  • Unlocks Menu:
    • added a few missing unlocks that people didn't know the criteria for
  • Rebel Dockyard:
    • The Rebel at the Dockyards can now process diamonds for Civilians again - allowing you an alternative to cocaine
  • License Costs:
    • Bounty Hunter license now costs $4,000
    • The Bounty Hunter license will be lost if you are sent to prison
    • Port Authority license now costs $2,000
    • The Port Authority license will be lost if you are sent to prison
    • Cocaine License has been fixed, once you are sent to prison and lose the license, you will no longer appear as a drug trafficker
  • Map Menu:
    • Price alterations have been amended in the map list
  • Vehicles:
    • The new Vans have been added in (Transport and Cargo) for $800 rental prices
    • The new vans have stock colours only, so are not listed in the Donator shop
    • The Transport Van is listed in the car shop, with a low storage capacity
    • The Cargo Van is located at the truck shop, with a high storage capacity
    • SUV and Hatchback Sports have both had their prices increased. Their rental prices are $500 and $2,000
    • All purchase prices are 5x their rental price still
  • Clothing items:
    • The "Gang Uniforms" have been removed from the default clothing stores
    • The Hard Hat, and Hi-Vis Vests have been added to the Port Authority Clothing Store
  • Garages:
    • Three new garages have been constructed where players can retrieve their cars...

There's also a test area that I've built which may or may not be included in a future update. It's in the live server, but has been created as if it is under construction (when viewed from a distance). Let me know if you find any bugs with this area... the majority of you will not have access to it unless you do a bit of climbing...

Thanks again,

Stevo Dumbledore

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