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- Features -
You become the City Mayor of Altis

Increased Wage
Apply Policies to Country
Hire Body Guards

You must be voted as Mayor by other players in the server through the Internet Cafes

The life as the Mayor is good! You get lots of money! The people love you! You get your own body guards! And you can spend all day talking to people and everyone has to listen to you - everyone except the Hitmen trying to kill you!

As Mayor, you can apply your own policies to the server which makes life better, or worse for the people of Altis; even the Rebels can benefit economically from the Mayor, even if some of his policies aren't to be desired by them.

In order for the Mayor to earn more Policy points to spend, they need to hold and attend press conferences. The more journalists that turn up to the press conferences, the more policy points the mayor earns for their hard work.

Each newly elected Mayor obtains one policy point. Policy points can be spent against the various policies available in the server which change things from Paychecks to Insurance Premiums, to having a Gang Crackdown and Increasing Hitmen fees.

Good or bad, you can be elected as Mayor so long as you aren't in a major faction. It's up to you as Mayor if you apply good policies, or bad policies. Just be careful who you upset with your policies!

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