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- Features -
Eliminate the Enemy Team
Capture the Flag

$1,000 each for Winning Team

$500 Entry Fee

Paintballing is a fun way to blow off steam in our creative, Greek themed, out door arena. The game is concluded after the first team to win ten rounds or has the most won rounds within the 15 minutes you get in the arena. If the game is tied, no money is rewarded to either team.

To win a round, players can either eliminate all team members on the opposing team, or cross the entire arena and claim victory by capturing the enemy's flag.

Players pay $500 from their bank to enter, and should probably take about £500 with them for ammo and equipment. It is recommended you only keep one spare clip on you for each round. You can also purchase smoke grenades from the Marshals found around the arena.

Come see if you can beat the best!

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