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- Features -
Earn cash by selling caught fish

Average cash yield

Boat License ($50)
Fishing License ($300)

Fishing is a simple, easy way to earn money - but that is all you earn, money. You do not earn any experience when fishing as the average return on fishing is greater than the cost to fish.

To go fishing, buy the two licenses needed at the License Shop and head down to the harbour. Rent or Buy a motorboat and get in it.
Start fishing by casting out your nets (via addAction in scroll wheel menu) and then drive slowly around. Each fish caught will be added to the boat inventory and when you're done, you can reel in your nets. Once the boat inventory is full, it will reel in the nets automatically for you.

Take your haul back to the harbour area and sell your fish at the fish markets. To make your trips more economic, you can take your haul from the boat inventory and store it in your backpack so you can do up to three fishing trips in one go!

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