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- Features -
Rob the Bank

High cash yield
Robbery Experience
Lock-picking Experience


To rob the Bank get everyone you intend to rob the bank with, inside the bank. Trigger the robbery by holding up the Bank Manager (you need your firearm out!). As soon as you initiate the Bank Robbery, the Bank alarm is triggered, and the APD are made aware of the situation... that means you've got a few minutes of peace before all hell breaks loose!

You can rob the ATM machines that are inside the lobby, or you can go for the jackpot by breaking into the Manager's office, and cracking the safe. The longer the server is active, the more cash winds up in the safe... but be wary, taking too long to crack the safe can end up in you and your friends surrounded inside the Bank!

Once you've shot your way out and made your escape into the streets, the Bank Robbery scenario is over, and you have to lay low until you can deposit the cash.
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