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- Features -
Police and Bounty Hunters are able to use the database to track criminals.
Civilian can hack the database and delete names from the wanted list

Hacking XP
Information XP

Police require an unlock and promotion to access
Civilians require 2 police officers online to access

Police: Have you been tracking a known criminal down for days now without success? Does your suspect keep slipping away just before you can throw the cuffs on him and vanish into some guys garden never to be seen again?
If so, you can head over to the Police Database and view all the intelligence gathered from around the island. The information is gathered from CCTV footage, witness statements and credit card usage, and it’s all relayed back to the Police Database ready for you to view.

If you are successful when accessing the Database, all the information will be relayed onto your Map for you to view. The criminals only show for a few second, depending on your Unlocks and Perks, but that could be enough time to track your man down! The information is also relayed to the Bounty Hunters Map to help them track targets.

Civilian: You’ve just robbed that shopkeeper you’ve been checking out all week! Your face mask fell off during the robbery revealing your face to the shop keeper! The chances are he’s squealed to the cops and they’re currently tracking you down! No need to panic just yet, head down to the Police Database and use your hacking skills to delete the evidence before the cops catch you! You’ll need to bring some picklocks with you to get through the security doors. And make sure you don’t trigger the Firewall while you’re snooping around in the database otherwise the cops will come crashing through the door and catch you red handed!
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