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New member Jacky Rasta has just joined our gaming community
- Features -
Police: Locate anyone with Drug Processing License
Bounty Hunters: Add anyone to your Contacts for Free

Information XP
Police XP

Bounty Hunters: Requires unlocking

You just got a hot tip that a group of drug smugglers are down on the cocaine island getting ready to move the goods over to the drug trader ready for distribution. You don’t want the city to become flooded with cocaine and having to deal with the drugged up hobos on every corner making the place look untidy! Something must be done! You don’t want to assemble the whole police force if your tip is nothing more than rumour – you would be laughing stock of the station!

Why not head down to the Police Network and investigate further? All CCTV footage, witness statements and the undercover police agent’s information comes directly to the Police Network, ready for you to view. Once accessed, any player who possesses a Cocaine Processing License will be displayed on the map for a few seconds. This way you can confirm that hot tip before the big bust!

As a Bounty Hunter, you will also find the Police Contacts agent there ready to provide you with the Contacts information, for free, for any player in the server.
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