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- Features -
You become a Port Authority Service Worker

Repairing Experience
Unique Build/Repair Abilities
Unique Vehicles
Access to Scrap Yard

Good Morality
$2000 License Fee

The good citizens of Altis want to see their country survive and prosper under its new Government. Port Authority workers are there to repair the damaged walls, fences and street lamps and provide Kavala with a public service.

Port Authority workers also have access to the Tow Truck which allows them to pick up abandoned or damaged vehicles. Damaged vehicles are to be taken to the Scrapyard where the vehicle gets destroyed, and abandoned vehicles are taken to the Police department to be impounded.

Port Authority workers need materials to rebuild items. They have three stockpiles at their compound to obtain these materials for free, thanks to the Prisoners for Work scheme the Police have implemented for criminals in Prison. However, they won't always have materials available for you to use, so in some situations you may need to buy your own materials to rebuild things. A small cost to help keep our great island in prime condition.

As a Service Worker, Port Authority players also get access to various Road Barriers and Cones to deploy around construction areas to alert any nearby traffic or personnel that construction is underway!

Come do your part towards a Greater Altis!

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