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- Features -
Get information on a specific player

Get information on player
Get name tag of player

Spy Agent Fee $200

Whether you’re a Hitman searching for a target, a Bounty Hunter looking for a high priority criminal or just a nosey Civilian who enjoys stalking on weekends, the Spy Network is the place to go.

You will find the spy agent waiting to take your order the moment you arrive and will provide you with instant information on any player you desire. And his fees are extremely reasonable.

You can find a number of Spy Networks dotted around the island for your convenience and their easy to use system makes it quick and easy to get the information you want – instantly.

Once you’ve purchased a players contact information, you’ll see their name tags above their head the next time you see them in the street, making it easy to identify a player without needing to get close or ask them for their name.
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