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- Features -
You become a Police Officer of Altis

Increased Wage

You must apply and be approved through the website.

Did you ever sit as a child and dream of becoming a police office? Do you like the feel of a good uniform? Do you see criminals and get the urge to beat them with your truncheon? If so, you might want to consider a career in the police force.

As a police officer, you will be provided with your own uniform, standard issue police pistol and set of shiny new handcuff keys. You will get chance to work your way up through the ranks, starting as a Community Support Officer, Constable, Sergeant, Detective, Superintendent and finally the Commissioner. Also, if you’re good enough, you may get the chance to join the armed response unit, known as the Task Force.

Your daily tasks as an honourable police officer will involve patrolling the beautiful streets of Kavala and socialising with the people. You will be issuing parking tickets, speeding fines and impounding vehicles of those naughty people who feel they can park anywhere!

It might sound like fun, issuing tickets and searching pockets, but when the sun goes down, the hardened criminals come out. A standard shop robbery call can soon turn into an all-out shoot-out.

Having access to the database where all CCTV footage can be used to locate wanted criminals is a useful tool for the higher ranked officer. A similar useful tool is the ability to take statements from any shop keeper who has had the misfortune of being robbed by these desperate criminals, often providing you with vital information and the possible location of the suspect.

Think hard about this career, you might find yourself asking if that state pension is really worth it.
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