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- Features -
You locate and assassinate your target

Bounty Cash
Killing Experience
Assassination Experience
Information Experience
Hunting Experience
Bad Morality Experience
Secret Hitmen Supplies with Unique Weapons

Bad Morality
$1,000 License Fee

Hunting players is similar to hunting treasure. You need to think about where to go, and have the right equipment to get the job done when you get there.

Being a Hitman can boost your Assassination skills at the expense of your morality. Once you've selected a target, you can track them by being in range of them. Your hunting perks will then silently mark them on the map for you if you're within range, but only momentarily. If you've lost your target, you can intimidate shopkeepers to try and locate your target wherever they are now to get back onto their path.

Patience and planning is what makes the best Hitmen. Anyone can run in guns blazing and shoot someone point blank with ten or so witnesses, but a good Hitman sits back in the shadows and stalks his prey until the opportune moment. Your name, if it ever gets known, should be feared.

Only players with Bad Morality can become a Hitman - the agency don't just hire anyone these days!

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