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New member Jacky Rasta has just joined our gaming community
- Features -
You become a member of the Rebel Alliance

Rewards: :
Increased Wage

Rebel License $20,000

Our cause is your cause. Our mission is your mission. Our land is your land! And we are fighting to keep it that way! So, if you’re tired of hearing the foreigners talk about reality TV, eating Big Macs and wearing blouses when nobody is around, come join the Rebel Alliance and fight to keep our country great.

As a freedom fighting rebel bad-arse, you will be expected to patrol our radar station to make sure those girly looking Army boys don’t get our locations and spoil the surprise. You will also have the pleasure of keep our drug lord safe from these thieving, blouse wearing military scum bags.

Our main goal is to keep the money coming in to help fund our mission. Our main income is drug export. As a rebel freedom fighter you will receive money from each cocaine the civilians sell at our drug deal. We have also set-up an outpost base on the drug island to help keep our drug mules safe from the pathetic government police force.

Come fight for your freedom today, before the government fill our shops with girly magazines and healthy food!
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