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- Community Rules -
Role Play At All Times

Players should never break role play, regardless of a scenario outcome. Disputes should be resolved through the websites "Report Member" function.

Exemption to Rule:
• Permission from an Administrator

Role Play Initiation

Players should initiate engaging role play to signify the start of a scenario and must provide sufficient time for others to respond.

Exemptions to Rule
• Key Towns
• Checkpoints
• Military Reserve
• Military Ammunition Factory
• Military Satellite
• Ammo Point
• Rebel Drug Mansion
• Rebel Drug Factory
• Rebel Radar
• Gang Towns
• Assassinations

Safe Zones

You are forbidden to take threatening action when within the following designated safe zones:

• Kavala Hospital
• Kavala Police Station
• Military Bases
• Rebel Bases

Exemptions to Rule:
• Hitman wearing the relevant disguise

New Life Rule

When you lose your life and respawn, you must continue play without knowledge of previous scenarios, players or actions.

Exemptions to Rule:
• You are Revived
• Permission from an Administrator

New Players Rule

Any players with the "New Player" title under their tag should be exempt from any hostile role play scenarios.

Exemption to Rule:
• None

Restricted Zones

It is forbidden to enter the following restricted zones if you are within the listed factions:

Designated Territory: Government Controlled Territory.
Restricted Zones: Rebel Territory, Drug Island * Once checkpoint has been captured by the Rebels.

Designated Territory: Central Altis
Restricted Zones: Government Controlled Territory.

Designated Territory: East Island, Drug Island * Once checkpoint has been captured.
Restricted: Government Controlled Territory.

Exemption to Rule:
• None


All communication features in the server are for role play purposes only. Disputes should be resolved through the websites "Report Member" function.

Exemption to Rule:
• Global Channel is to be used for non-roleplay communications
• Permission from an Administrator

Combat Logging

Players are forbidden to disconnect and reconnect within 30 minutes to avoid the Respawn time or a Role Play scenario

Exemption to Rule:
• None

Hacks, Glitches & Exploits

Any player found using mods, hacks or glitches will be given a permanent ban from all our community's features.

Exception to Rule:
• None

Respecting Others

All those within our community have the right to play the server without fear of personal, malicious or hateful comments.

Exemption to Rule:
• None

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